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It's really easy to use.

$ git-down -d <DESTINATION_DIRECTORY> <REPO_URL.git:branch> FILES

The -d <DESTINATION_DIRECTORY> option above is optional. If not specified the files will be downloaded into a directory under the name of the target repository.

We're using the bootstrap repo as an example for how to use the command but it works with any repository.

For example, running the following command will create a bootstrap-dist directory in the current working directory containing bootstrap's dist directory.

$ git-down -d bootstrap-dist dist

If bootstrap-dist above is not specified, a directory named bootstrap will be created instead.


git-down 0.3.0
Download files from a git repo like a boss

    git-down [OPTIONS] <url> <files>...


    -d, --directory <directory>    Download into this directory instead of the default one
    -h, --help                     Print help information
    -V, --version                  Print version information

Download multiple directories

You can use git-down to download multiple directories from the same repository.

For example if you wanted to download both the dist and src directories from the Bootstrap repo you would use the following command.

$ git-down dist src 

Get only the css directory

$ git-down -d bootstrap-css gh:tbws/bootstrap:master dist/css

Get the css and img directories

$ git-down -d boostrap-css-img gh:tbws/bootstrap:master dist/css dist/img

Shortcuts for Supported Services

Shortcuts are intended to reduce keystrokes by allowing you to download from popular Git hosting services without typing out the full URL of the repository. When using shortcuts the parts of the source are separated using colons (:).

The following are working examples you can use for downloading a directory from supported services:

gh: GitHub

The following example command will download the dist directory from bootstrap repo into boostrap-latest from the GitHub repository.

$ git-down -d bootstrap-latest gh:tbws/bootstrap:master dist

bb: BitBucket

$ git-down -d sqlalchemy-examples bb:zzzeek/sqlalchemy:master examples 

gl: GitLab

$ git-down -d gitlab-scripts gl:gitlab-org/gitlab-ce:master scripts 

sf: SourceForge

$ git-down -d nagioscore-sample-config sf:nagios/nagios-core:master sample-config