Why git-down?

It will save you time. Currently all of the ways to get just one directory from a repository require either too much clicking or typing!

If you want to download just one (or multiple) directory from a Git repository - like a dist directory of a project like bootstrap - you have several ways of doing so, including:

Download the archive and extract

The easiest and most straight-forward approach is to download the archive of the repo, extract the files and get the files/directory you want. This works best if you can get the archive via a web interface via a Download button/link - which can be annoying to find in some products (BitBucket!).

Shallow clone and mv

Another way is to do a shallow clone and get the directories you want using a move command. It's just too many commands and typing!

For example, getting the dist directory from bootstrap you would do something like:

$ git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/twbs/boostrap.git
$ cd bootstrap
$ mv ./dist ~/stuff/boostrap-latest 

C'mon, you don't have the time to be doing all that.